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Minimum Should Be Abolished

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Abolish the minimum wage The Federal minimum wage was signed into law in 1938 by President Roosevelt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), with the objective of maintaining a “minimum standard of living necessary for healthy, efficiency, and general well being, without substantially curtailing employment.” It is important to note during this period of very high racial, gender and other inequality, some groups were at a disadvantage and very many businesses exploited the labor from these groups. It was therefore the role of government to protect these groups from being exploited.
Do we still need the minimum wage in this day and error? During 1936, there was very little information flow between the people. There was neither internet nor commercial television to disseminate information to the public; like we have today. To date we have laws against discrimination by race, gender or other groups both in the workplace and other social settings and the need for a minimum wage has out lived its usefulness. With the introduction of television and the internet, information sharing has made dissemination of information amongst the public so much easier and is readily available than was the case in 1938 when the minimum wage was introduced. To date, every worker will have at his or her fingertips the average acceptable wage for his or her labor, thus increasing the bargaining power of the worker. This means that a minimum wage set by the government is no longer necessary as the workers have all the information they need. In addition to having all the information, a minimum wage restricts workers from setting the price for their own labor. It is a worker’s right to set his or her own price. Given that workers have all the necessary information at their finger tips; thank to the improved technology, they should be given a chance to set their own labor price depending...

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