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Since 1983 Tiffany & Co. has been dedicated to provide their consumers with one main design, sustainability. They know that their customers expect nothing less than top quality in jewelry and services and Tiffany's has done just that for the past twenty-four years. Recently Tiffany's has developed a new goal to search the mines for more environmentally friendly materials that will maintain their image of top quality while “obtaining precious metals and gemstones in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.” The adopted strategy that Tiffany & Co. has adopted is assuring the integrity of their sources while maintaining strong leadership at promoting responsible business practices.

In July 1993, Tiffany & Company reorganized its Japanese distribution channel by repurchasing its inventory from its Japanese distributor Mitsukoshi Limited. As a result of this action, Tiffany would assume the responsibility of establishing yen retail prices, holding inventory in Japan for sale, and controlling local Japanese management. Tiffany would be able to have control over retail price in Japan where historically had higher price. Under the previous arrangement, Tiffany contracted Mitsukoshi as the principal retailer in Japan and the transaction of wholesaling to Mitsukoshi was settled in U.S. dollar, under the new agreement, Tiffany now faced the risk of foreign currency fluctuations (Sen, S., & Bhattacharya, C. B. 2001).
1993年7月,蒂芙尼公司通过其日本分销商三越有限公司购回其存货重组其日本分销渠道。作为这一行动的结果,蒂芙尼将承担建立日元零售价格的责任,持有存货在日本销售,并控制当地的日本管理。蒂芙尼将能够有超过零售价在日本,历史上有较高的价格管制。根据之前的安排,蒂芙尼签约三越在日本的主要零售商及批发三越的交易以美元结算,根据新的协议,蒂芙尼现在面临外汇波动(森,S.,&巴特查亚的风险, CB2001)。
The name Tiffany & Co

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