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Apple Ife Matrix Analysis - Research Papers - Alexpadron

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Apple Ife Matrix Analysis
By alexpadron | March 2008

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Apple IFE Matrix Analysis It was pretty surprising to me to find that all the different groups came up with fairly similar ratings in their IFE matrix for Apple Inc. My group, management, had the second highest rating at a 2.78 and I felt that we were fairly critical of the different strengths and weaknesses for the company. The groups that pertained to a more financial aspect like finance and accounting seemed to have lower scores, which were not as far above the average for utilization of resources internally. This seems interesting because many companies use resources outside their company to assist them in correcting financial problems. Also, there were a few strengths and weaknesses that every group mentioned in their matrix and they were: Steve Jobs leaving and then returning(W), large increase in inventory(W), products are globalized(S). It was interesting to see that Steve Jobs leaving and then returning was on everyone groups list because with out him these last few years Apple Inc. would probably not be where it is at today. The only downside to this is that there seems to be this great dependency on one person in this company and that is the reason that it is seen as a weakness. Overall, every group stated that Apple Inc. is utilizing internal resources above the average in their industry and this is based on the ratings given by the groups. These ratings ranged form 2.4 to 2.84 and the differences between these were a matter of a few points added to a different category that can skew the final rating.

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