Multicultural Literature Analysis Paper

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Multicultural Literature Analysis Paper
Multicultural Literature

In this paper I will discuss and analyze multicultural literature. I will define what multicultural literature is and what forces produce multicultural literature. I will determine what makes a work multicultural or not and finally how the quality of multicultural literature should be judged. Literature, a major carrier of content, can be used as a powerful way to understanding the world (Tway, 1989). Experts in multicultural education frequently emphasize the importance of using literature to increase cultural awareness (Tway, 1989). The literature used should accurately portray the history, customs, values, and language of a particular cultural group (Cutter, 2005). Through sharing literature that reflects the multitude of cultural groups, students can learn to understand and to appreciate a literary heritage that comes from many diverse backgrounds. For example in the story “Good Girls Are Bad News” by Subhadra Sen Gupta Bineeta is caught smoking in public, this starts a feud with the parents who try to make her think that smoking will affect her grades in some way and are very disappointed in her. In the Asian culture it looked down upon for a woman to smoke cigarettes with a very low number that actually do. Bineeta proved to everyone that smoking did not have any effect oh her grades and that her main point was to prove that the decisions she makes will always be what is best for her and her future.
Literature becomes multicultural when it is culturally diverse and is used to increase cultural awareness. The literature should accurately portray the history, customs, values, and language of particular cultural groups. (Tway, 1989)
“For 500 years, immigrants from diverse cultures have sought freedom and opportunity in what is now the United States of America.…...