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Multimedia Literature Review

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Abstract—In this article, we will talk about the usage of database in the emerging field of multimedia computing system. Multimedia is a popular term these days, and the database community is now currently focusing more on multimedia databases. The reason multimedia is getting so much attention is because of technology trends are now beginning to make it possible to store and display multimedia data types through a computer. Multimedia database systems pose significantly different data management requirements compared to traditional database applications. There are already various operational systems for this task, but they are usually built as special-purpose systems and lack the general capability as exhibited in a database management system …show more content…
They all have in common that a single “value” or object of that type tends to be rather long, i.e. in the range of 100 K to 10 M bytes. This is often referred to as an unformatted data which consists of a large and varying number of small items such as characters, pixels, lines or frequently indicators. They all carry a more complex structure which varies strongly from value and is often not known when the object is stored. Detecting it requires some level of understanding and …show more content…
The development of database management systems (DBMS) has provided a lot of selection of methods to organize and process the traditional, formatted data. The question now is how these methods can be extended to handle multimedia data as well. The purpose of this paper is to examine and focus on one of the issue in handling multimedia data and to suggest a solution.

The issue this article focuses on is the queries and retrieval of multimedia databases. Multimedia databases involve accessing and manipulating stored information belonging to different media such as text, audio, image, and video. The distinctions between multimedia databases and the traditional ones are due to the following characteristics of media objects which are the sizes of the media objects, real time nature of the information content and raw nature of the media

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