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Buddhism does not prevent anyone from learning the teachings of other religions. In fact, the Buddha encouraged His followers to learn about other religions and to compare His Teachings with other teachings. The Buddha says that if there are reasonable and rational teachings. The Buddha says that if there are reasonable and rational teachings in other religions, His followers are free to respect such teachings. It seems that certain religionists try to keep their followers in the dark, some of them are not even allowed to touch other religious objects or books. They are instructed not to listen to the preachings of other religions. They are enjoined not to doubt the teachings of their own religion, however unconvincing their teachings may appear to be. The more they keep their followers on a one-track mind, the more easily they can keep them under control. If anyone of them exercises freedom of thought and realizes that he had been in the dark all the time, then it is alleged that the devil has possessed his mind. The poor man is given no opportunity to use his common sense, education, of his intelligence. Those who wish to change their views on religion are taught to believe that they are not perfect enough to be allowed to use free will in judging anything for themselves.

Religious Freedom in the Context of Human Rights In a recent article that I have read,it is stated that the Human Rights speaks of "the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion." If we want to understand Buddhist ideas about religious freedom, we should first consider Buddhist perspectives on the broader concept of human rights.

This, however, requires considerable qualification. First, some Buddhists note that the Western notion of "rights" was foreign to the Eastern societies in which Buddhism developed.Shin

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