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My New Hope Research Paper

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Hi this going to be the start of my story of my life and how i try to make it in life successfully.

The whole thing that started it all of this will be coming in time, but first we start about one week ago i think, but it was so long because it was one crazy week for me and the whole school of new hope it was one week before the school year ended it was sad because the school of new hope had school through eighth grade it was sad because some kids were leaving while the other kids of 5th grade were staying. In the middle of the year a kid named carson and his family had a job in ohio so his dad and the rest of his family had to move to there.

And every year this kid named elijah always had a pool party at their house as like a end of the year pool party and the day after that the school had spots …show more content…
The time came for when it was about to start and as i got there the pool was freezing it was 65 degrees which might not sound cold but believe me it was.

In the middle of the party this kid named luke who i have known for 5 years wanted my best friend named malina to poor root beer down my back and lone behold she did. And then she told me that luke wanted her to and that's how the whole water war started between luke and I. So i did the wise thing to do i poured ice tea down his back and that was the best idea that i made that day. Luke got most of my friends on his team while i still got some. And then there were people who were neutral who stayed in the pool and filled up the cups with water and ice which by the way when you got hit by the ice it really hurts.

It was time for the party to end so everyone had to go home, but no one won the war at the pool party scene everyone was going to the game the water war would continue and they will see if my team or luke team

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