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Nt2580 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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William Burns-Garcia
NT 2580
Unit 1 Assignment 2
Re: Impact of a Data Classification Standard

Per your request, I have included information regarding the data classification standards designed for Richman investments. This report will include information that pertains to the IT infrastructure domains and how they are affected. Though there are several, I want to concentrate on three of the most vulnerable. 1. User Domain: Of all domains, this can be the most vulnerable as it usually affects any user on the network. Most companies should have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) with standards that can be monitored at any time. Not only does this policy affect internal users, it should also be enforced by any outside vendors such as, off-site IT support. There should be on-going information sessions to remind users of AUP. 2. Workstation Domain: Every person with access to the network of Richman Investments must have authorized personal credentials to use a workstation assigned to them. A few exceptions can be Major IT administration and authorized upper management. A change password should be implemented no less than 45-60 days on Richman’s network. Administrative passwords should also be changed no less than 30-45 days, Since Administrative access has the most immediate vulnerability. 3. LAN Domain: The Local Area Network (LAN), which includes most things in the computer closet that helps all devices connect to the network. This domain can be vulnerable because it can access company-wide systems and needs to be regulated on a continuous basis. The logical thing is to restrict out-off-house/remote access. Since this is unpreventable, remote access needs to be monitored on a more rigorous schedule. Richman Investments should monitor this on a daily basis, at least twice a day. This information can simply be scripted to run at certain intervals and emailed to all involved parties. Another part to this domain being handled with more scrutiny is to disable copying of files through external drives. This will help to ensure proprietary information not being removed from the company.
I hope the above information shed some light on a few of the more important domains affected at Richman Investments.

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