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Paddy Power Facebook Marketing

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'Mischief' is the guiding philosophy behind the brand's marketing and has been a core aspect of the business from the outset. Woolfenden, marketing director at the Irish bookmaker, says this stems from one of its founders, Stuart Kenny - an embodiment of 'mischief and entertainment'. It is embraced by the whole business, so it is common for colleagues to pitch mischievous ideas.
Social media is at the heart of Paddy Power's marketing, often inspiring both its digital and above-the-line campaigns. 'We hear you' is the brand's ad strapline and, alongside mischief, a central marketing theme. 'If you look at what people tweet to Paddy Power, or go on our Facebook page, there's always good stuff,' says Woolfenden.
40% - Paddy Power's share of the social audience among bookmakers, 330% - Increase in Paddy Power's social footprint since January 2012 Source: Paddy Power (BrandRepublic, 2012)

QuBit Social score breakdown, July, 2012
Paddy Power have the strongest social presence: The QuBit social scores are calculated based on each company’s reach on each social network, which is then weighted based on the average time spent on the website and revenue driven through each source.
Betfair and Paddy Power was the only site to have engaged across all five key social networks, with a notable presence on the rapidly growing site Pinterest, which has been found to proportionally drive far more revenue than Twitter. (Qubit products, 2012)

The strength of brands within the online gambling industry is highlighted by high level of reach achieved through paid and organic brand searches. The brand name Coral clearly has the best brand paid and organic first page reach. William Hill and Bet 365 achieved the greatest reach through paid and organic high-traffic, which could prove the most lucrative in this market as these customers are less likely to yet have a specific brand…...

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