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Living or Non-living?
By: Chris Millard
Biology 9-10A In class we have been looking at different substances under microscopes and under one there was a very weird substance. I’ve been thinking if this substance is a living or nonliving substance. I think it looked like it was a living substance. I’ve been researching and I have found many kinds of brown bugs. There were some bugs that I found that looked like of what I saw in class. When I looked through the microscope I saw some things such as, legs on the side on it, its body was shaped like a little circle, it had one long end, one round end with a brown color. There was one that was broken and had a sort of glossy substance. That substance is likely to be cells that are inside the bug that have been broken and separated out of it. To me that seems like some sort of like a grass hopper. I looked up a few different bugs and one that I did look up grass hopper. Grass hoppers can be small, brown and they also have a long body and a long front. All this research I did, lead me to believe that this substance was indeed a living organism. For it to be a living organism it must at least have cells, use energy, develop, reproduce, or adapt to their environment. A grass hopper has at least one of these characteristics.

This research helped me a lot to figure out whether it was a living or nonliving substance. By finding the characteristics, it helped me understand that it was. I discovered it was a grass hopper. I now understand how to figure out what a substance...

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