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A big topic that is I know is a very touchy subject for most people whether it’s supporting or against it, is cloning. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could clone a dying family dog or cat that everyone is extremely attached too or even cloning fish, cows, and chickens when food source is scarce in a certain region of the world. The world population is continuously growing and will not slow down anytime soon and the food supply can only grow so fast
This topic has been in discussion and arguments for years. There are many arguments that make sense and can convince people that this might be a great idea to do and there are also many great points of why cloning is a really bad and shouldn’t be done. It will always be a hot topic in society and will always be arguments whether it’s in a classroom discussing touchy subjects or in congress to pass a bill that involves the topic of cloning.
Some of the big pros of cloning especially for human cloning that caught my attention are defective genes could be eliminated, faster recovery from traumatic injury, and organ cloning. According to , The Genetic illnesses caused my damaged DNA lines will disappear because the cloning of the human healthy human cells. This could prevent so many young children that have Genetic diseases especially the deadly ones. I feel this is very convincing for me because seeing young children with diseases like that breaks my heart and feel they deserve to how regular life.
Another big pro of cloning is that of cloning organs for the human body. This one I ultimately support as well because when a young child or and adult need a kidney or a new heart because there organ is failing and without a replacement will end up dying and you never want to see a young child die because of this. If they can clone those certain organs to prevent young child or anyone from dying then I support this to happen. If we have the technology to start perfecting this but don’t because of political fluff that everyone usually throws around when passing a law in order to slow it from passing then I consider it murder because if you can save someone especially a young child that deserves to live there life to the fullest then you should do everything you can to save that child or adult.
Now the cons of cloning make a valid point of not supporting cloning. Some of the cons are new diseases forming, organs rejecting, and being unethical or unmoral. One of the big cons that caught my attention is the possible cloned organs being rejected by the recipient because of the difference in cells from the original organ to the cloned one. This could be a big issue when people are trying to receive cloned organs to replace a failing one in their body. Another key con that grabbed my attention is the new diseases that might form. Reading about it on states that cell mutation could possibly happen with genetic cloning and one of the big bad results is new more dangerous disease might result from the cloning and instead of preventing this type of disease it could make it more dangerous and preventable.
Human cloning is banned in many states and even therapeutic cloning is as well. Many people feel it to be against morals to clone humans in today’s world. The continuous arguments about whether legalizing cloning is a good thing because some people feel that the pro’s outweigh the con’s in this argument. It has been a real battle for years now and I don’t see it ending anytime soon with the way this has been around for a while and no progress has been made to legalize it. I have a feeling that way in the future there will be a breakout that will prove the need for cloning and in return
Christians take on cloning is that God created man himself and that makes him unique. This could be taken as all humans born are unique and represent God but cloning does not reflect God but instead is something just created and shouldn’t even reflect being human but more like lab experiment. I definitely understand where Christians are coming from. As I’m becoming more and more involved with religion then this is making more and more sense to me. But if someone doesn’t know religion or all the facts then people will easily assume that cloning needs to be legal right away. I can see the moral defense of why it shouldn’t be legal always being the number one reason that cloning will not be legalized or even stop the advancement in cloning technology.
I personally feel that the pros are a big weight weighing me toward having cloning legalized in the United States because once its legal the technology will begin to grow and become advanced so we can prevent deadly illnesses from genetics and failing organs. You will most likely have the bad lemons of people trying to do more than what would be legal if it became legalized. Those people usually ruin things for everyone else because they went past the boundary and now most feel new laws will need to be put into place to restrict what companies are able and not able to do.
Now I feel as I learn more about religion that my feelings will shift to not being legalized but as of right now I’m for it because if my daughter ever got sick and have the option to save her life I would do cloning of an organ in a heartbeat to keep her with us. Some might say that’s selfish but I do not think so because I’ll do anything to protect my family. The value of life means everything to me and especially for my family and I. Being able to clone organs but not use it is like having a cure for cancer but not releasing it to use in hospitals to cure everyone that has some type of cancer. I feel that is wrong in every aspect of life.

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