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The impact of terrorism on the police mission in the United States?
The roles of police in United States according to Schmalleger (2007) include; law enforcement, apprehending law offenders and investigating crimes, crime prevention, and domestic peace as well as providing the society with the required enforcement services, and ensuring that there exists tranquility. Over a long period, the police roles remained as stated until the effects of September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attack when the police assumed the responsibilities of antiterrorism and incidents related to terrorism activities. Currently, police are dedicating much of resources and time in training as preparation in case of future potential terrorist attack. Intelligence and information gathering have become very essential activities by police to ensure continued prevention of terrorism attack. In addition, police have prioritized their response to incidences of terrorism and were considering the responses as of more precedence compared to other roles or duties (Crank J. P., 2010).
Disagreements in existence towards law enforcement to combat terrorism
Since the September 11 terrorist attack, disagreements have emerged on how to deal with the threat of terrorism attack (Delattre, 2006). The first of all the disagreement was on how much intelligence federal agencies should and can share with the state and local police. The information on criminal intelligence was to be shared by all the agencies since information sharing is one of the most vital steps required in fighting terrorism activities, considering how the FBI agency is guarded with their information. Community policing is one of the strategies used by police in sharing information with...

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