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Explain how a writer should find and use primary and secondary sources.
A writer can find sources both primary and secondary from researching and seeking them out. Because primary sources are contemporary accounts of an event, written by someone who experienced or witnessed the event original documents such as letters memoirs, journals, speeches, manuscripts, and interviews would be good to use.
Because secondary sources interpret primary sources using published works such as journal articles or books would be good. The internet could basically also be used as either a primary or secondary source. In either event these sources should add credibility and objectiveness to a paper.
Explain two issues that may arise if there are differences between the primary and secondary sources.
Well one issue that could arise if there are differences is that is that using such a set of sources could cause a paper to lack clarity and depth. The point being put across can lose emphasis which in return can make a paper inconsistent and not easy to read. It also does not help the credibility of the paper.
Explain reasons for consulting different kinds of sources on the same subject.
Well it is important when writing to be thorough, objective, and to supply as much information as possible. Using different kinds of sources helps to support a paper in this way because of the variety of information being used. This can make the particular paper or writing appeal to a broader audience.


I think that people have a tendency to use the internet too often. What do you think? You have to admit though that it is a good source of information and it is so diverse. There are credibility issues when it comes to the internet but there are also some very credible sources on the net as well. Most newspapers for example have websites where they put up articles that were actually in...

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