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Professional Identity and Stewardship: Peer Interview

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Grand Canyon University
AMP-450V: Leadership and Vocation
December 13, 2015

This paper will paraphrase an interview conducted with Ally Hobert hereafter to be known as A. Hobert, and provide insight her responses to questions related to her personal perceptions regarding, professional identity and stewardship. I had the pleasure of interviewing A. Hobert, a floor nurse on a medical surgical unit specializing on neurological patients within a hospital. The interview was conducted via phone and was conducted in a relatively short amount of time, less than 10 minutes, and was comprised of only four questions. This author felt, although it was short, the interview was able to accurately portray A. Hobert’s role as a registered nurse (RN) in the healthcare field. What leadership and professional means to her and how that translates into, and affects, her nursing practice and career.
A. Hobert primary role as a registered nurse within her facility is to provide safe, effective patient care. Her duties include providing patients with; medication administration, education, active listening method, assistance with or conducting patient’s activities of daily living (ADL’s). A portion of her duty as an RN collaborating with different team members including physicians, speech, physical and occupational therapy. As a nurse I also coach and educate nurse techs and work alongside them as they assist in feeding, bathing, taking vitals and more. A large part of my role is advocating for my patients. “I am the to go to person for the patient, if a problem or issue presents I must solve it or get assistance from someone who can. Nurses must advocate for their patients, often they are the only one that will” (A. Hobert, Personal communication, December 11, 2015). Supporting patients, and providing quality nursing...

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