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Qantas Sustainability Review 2013


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The Transformation Continues

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Page Introduction Governance − − − − Corporate Governance Business Resilience Group Security Group Risk and Audit 2 4 4 9 10 11 13 15 19 22 31 38 45 49 56 57

Stakeholder Engagement Financial Safety and Health Customer People Environment Procurement Community Measures Glossary

The Group Strategy, supported by environment, procurement and community strategies, underpins the identification and reporting on material items.

To support the Group’s core goal of delivering sustainable returns to shareholders, areas of focus are used to measure, monitor and report on the Group’s performance. Areas of focus and measures are reviewed and updated to ensure that they remain relevant.

The Group Strategy drives sustainable outcomes
Corporate governance is core to ensuring the creation, protection and enhancement of shareholder value.


We are committed to communicating effectively with our stakeholders.


Safety and Health
To be recognised as the world’s leading airline group in air, ground and people safety and health.

Our Customers are the core of everything we do. The Group is continually striving towards providing exceptional customer experiences.


We strive to build a strong viable business capable of delivering sustainable returns to shareholders.

Qantas Sustainability Review 2013

» Long-term Profitability » Prudent Investment » Disciplined Capital Management » Financial Risk Management

» Safety is our First Priority » Safety Commitments » Safety Governance Framework » Safety Reporting

» » » » »

Customer Satisfaction Net Promoter Score On Time Performance Customer Feedback Customer Experience

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