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Raising The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised

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No Economist would disagree that when you raise the minimum wage, you kill jobs for the poor. The debate to raise minimum wage has lasted for years. While it is true that the minimum wage has not kept up with inflation, that is unimportant when looking at the grand scheme of how it would affect the economy. Raising the minimum wage would cause catastrophic issues for the United States economy. The federal minimum wage should not be raised because it will hurt small businesses and increase unemployment. Raising the minimum wage will kill small businesses. Small businesses will have to raise all hourly rates, resulting in less money in the owner's pockets and the employees alike. Many employees would be laid off or have hours reduced,

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...According to Webster's Dictionary The definition of minimum wage is “the lowest wage paid or permitted to be paid” (“Minimum Wage”). The big question is, should minimum wage be raised? Over the years there have been many protests in Wisconsin because of people thinking that they deserve a higher pay rate. I strongly disagree with this controversial topic of raising minimum wage because it will cause more job layoffs and cut benefits, small businesses can’t afford it, and it will reduce the worker's motivation to get a higher education. $0.25 an hour was the first federal minimum wage in the 1930’s (“Why We Should Not Raise the Minimum Wage”). Although the minimum wage has raised to $7.25 per hour since then, many people still believe it is still not high enough....

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...Raising the Minimum Wage Student Name: Sylvie Makendi Course/Number: com /170 12/14/15 Faculty Name: Angela Grosse With $7.25 a person can maybe buy a whopper meal at burger king and a pack or chewing gum at a local convenience store. For a person working minimum wage to buy that whopper and pack of gum, they must work one hour. That is not enough to live a sustainable life. The meager wage brings forth recent discussion about whether or not the federal minimum wage should be increased. This divisive issue is especially prevalent within the bipartisan American political parties, the majority of Republicans do not want the minimum wage to be raised, and the majority of Democrats want the minimum wage to be raised. However, this issue should not be a political one because raising the minimum wage benefits everyone regardless of their political party of affiliation. There are many reasons to raise a minimum wage. In today’s society, it’s expensive to live in America and even getting day by day is tough. Raising the minimum wage will be beneficial for both workers and employers in the United States. It will put more money in people’s pockets. This money is invested back into their communities and small business which will help uplift the downtrodden economy. The growth of the national economy, the decrease in poverty and reduction in government sponsored social programs shows that the federal minimum wage should be raised to more than $ 7.25. Raising the minimum wage would...

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...The minimum wage should be raised for a few reasons. It would improve the economic and it would help the economy recover. One problem with raising the minimum wage would be the risk of inflation. The minimum wage currently is $7.25 which is not high at all and they should raise it to a least $8.50 an hour. The first reason why they should raise the minimum wage is to improve the economic. It may seem like a random fact but confidence in the economy has an effect that: ( Stimulates spending Lowers interest rates making it easier for people to access loans and credit. Boost performance and returns in the financial market Encourages investment Improving the economic would also help us avoid the dreaded deflationary trap that has brought the japanese economy to there knees. The second reason the minimum wage should be raised is it will help the economy recover. A big part of having the economy recover or stay strong is raising people's purchasing power. If the minimum wage increased it would increase the disposal income of 28 million people which would make businesses do better....

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