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~ The Islamic Month of Fasting ~ Islam is a major world and monotheistic religion that has the number of adherents around one-point-five billion around the world; therefore, this religion is world second largest religion. This religion was founded in Arabia around 622 CE, and the God of this religion is Muhammad, who was born in about 570 CE in Mecca city, Arabia. The person who believes in this religion is called Muslim; moreover, most of Muslims live in the Middle East. The Quran or Koran is the religion holy book, which Muslims believe it has the sacred words from their God and wrote in Arabic. In addition, many people think that most Muslims speak Arabic language, but the only 10 – 15 percent speaks Arabic as a native speaker. Ramadan is an important ceremony of Islam religion that Muslims do the fasting. Ramadan is the ninth month that depends on Islamic calendar, which based on lunar cycle; this month is also a month that the scared text was sent down as way for Muslims. Fasting is obligatory for adult that they are not going to eat anything in the morning until the sunset. They also abstain smoking, drinking alcohol, making all kind of bad things, and sexual relations. Muslims are required to fast in order to get a sense of someone who has not taken care of society such as the poor people. Therefore, Muslims must have to read the Quran (holy text from God) to learn what God wants them to know that the human being in this world and the next world. The period of fasting is going to end when the sighting of the new moon that it occurs after 29 or 30 days. Preparing for Ramadan, Muslims have to do these seventh things. First, they are going to present the grateful of opportunity to welcome the month of Ramadan. Second, thanks and make a good intention in the month of Ramadan. Third, praying to their God for letting them still alive until the next...

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