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People are always saying how times are tough, especially since the economic struggles resulting from 2008 when it seemed like everything fell apart. This statement is as true today as it was nearly 6 years ago. Everyone is struggling somewhere, somehow. It is important to have game plans and be able to adapt and overcome any situation that may directly affect you or your company personally or from other companies that affects yours from a distance.
I am the owner of a retail dry goods store with a maximum of 100 employees. Most of our customers are employees from an automotive support industry who just announced they are relocating to Mexico. The relocation of this company will hinder our sales as well as our organization. My goal is to analyze the challenges our organization will face using OD principles and how would I apply OD principles in order to ensure the continued operation of my company. As our world changes amongst us, we have to evolve with it or we will find ourselves evaporating as a whole. That is where using the OD principles can help us to break down the problems that we are facing and help us to find either solutions or be on the road to finding solutions to make sure that we make it through these challenges.
The first step of the principles suggests that changes to the organization and change relies on value based decisions. Using the value based decisions I would get together with the managers and supervisors of each department to gather their ideas and opinions. Getting everyone on the same page to understand what the actual story is and what is going on will help to eliminate any rumors that may lead to misunderstanding about where we as a company want to go with this change. The second step is to build collaboration with our clients. This can be as simple as putting up signs or simply talking to all of our customers as they come in, about…...

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