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Relationship Visual Aids

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Relationship Visual Aids
Donald N. Fink
July 27, 2015
Kevin Hite

Relationship Visual Aids
An education process is more complex than talking to someone, telling them what you want them to learn about or learn how to do, and them knowing it or doing it. The purpose of education is to teach the learner a specific task, or specific information. An education plan consists of specific components. The components are simple or complex and each component leads to the next. When all the components are included, the teacher and the learner will have a successful educational experience.
The purpose or mission of the education is based upon the mission of the organization or institution in which the education is taking place. In a hospital setting, the educational purpose or mission is to assist the hospital staff in becoming the most knowledgeable staff to care for the patients in the organization. At Select Hospital, the mission is to become a premiere long-term acute care hospital. The purpose of the education department of the hospital is to respond to the educational needs of the employees while meeting the challenges of the organization and the health care environment.
The goal in a program, course, or learning activity is a general statement and it describes what is going to be accomplished. The goal describes a general learning outcomes and concepts and it is expressed in common terms. The goals provide a foundation for the objectives and they provide a description of the program. They describe the skills, knowledge, attitude, and values of the learner. The goals need to be consistent with the mission of the organization the learner is representing. Why do we need education? What do we need educated about? What are the learners going to learn?
How to Write Goals A nurse educator writing goals for an education plan may use the...

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