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Relationships Arguing and Communication Skills


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Relationships Arguing and Communication Skills

How many people do you come in contact with that might wish for an ideal healthy relationship? We might all wish for the same thing but it would be awkward to expect this from such a person. Do they really exist? After reading the chapter and taking the assessment test both materials correlate. I looked into arguing and communications skills. After taking the relationship assessment, the test read that I have a very productive style of arguing .I like to be up front about what we are fighting about and that we first need to find some common ground. If you are not able to do this than it can lead to a serious fight and you may overreact. I say and do few things that are detrimental in an argument. I am someone who tries to remain calm when speaking because if you’re not you will have two people spinning out of control and you will not be hearing what each other has to say. It can be very easy to hurt, become angry or even becoming defensive. I have always been constructive when arguing I feel that you need to understand how your partner feels about the subject that you are arguing about. Don’t attack your partners’ credibility be a good listener and keep an open mind. You need to be able to admit that you have made mistakes as well that it’s not just one person who is to blame. Conflict in a relationship is virtually inevitable. In itself, conflict isn’t a problem, how it’s handled, however, can bring people together or tear them apart (Elizabeth Scott, M.S. 2013). It is likely that in any relationship there is going to be arguments. It’s a matter of how destructive these fights our going to be and what direction will it be going in. The less arguing that you have with your partner the better you will be when you are communicating. Remember that you should never exaggerate. We all want to have good communication and

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