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Samsung Galaxy SII- SWOT Analysis
The Strengths of the Galaxy S II actually go back to their Marketing Orientation defined by
Kotler, Adam, Denise and Armstrong (2009) as the Product Concept where the company will favour quality, performance and innovation features. This orientation is in line with Samsung’s billion dollar research investments and 40000 employees dedicated to develop the world’s greatest technology products (“R&D” 2010). Also their Marketing Concept is in line with
their huge marketing budget starting with understanding customer needs, integrated marketing and customer satisfaction (Marketing Core Concepts and Applications, 2008). Business Review Weekly in November 2004 claimed that Samsung was the world’s 4th largest advertiser in the world. Also Samsung’s Total Quality Management approach drives Galaxy S II customer perception as a reliable product backed by a worldwide brand and huge media presence.
One of the weaknesses of Samsung is that their costs are relatively high as compared to the competition. Also the fact that Samsung operates in a very competitive market, another weakness is lack of penetration in the Business Mobile market being outperformed by Blackberry an even Apple. With the rapid changes of technologies today, Samsung has to manage the company in a very efficient manner to be even more productive. (“Company Profile”, 2011) Although Samsung is already one of the most profitable and one of the leaders in the market, still the competition is huge; Samsung must take it into consideration.
Opportunity for the Galaxy S II is that the current market is operating in a Full Demand environment for smart phones and portable devices. Full Demand market is defined when their volume of business and operation is close to current capacity. (Marketing 7ed, 2009). According with the Australian Interactive Media…...

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... market, still the competition is huge; Samsung must take it into consideration. Opportunity for the Galaxy S II is that the current market is operating in a Full Demand environment for smart phones and portable devices. Full Demand market is defined when their volume of business and operation is close to current capacity. (Marketing 7ed, 2009). According with the Australian Interactive Media Association report 2009 11% of all Australian mobiles are Samsung. With the end of customers mobile contracts Galaxy S II has the opportunity to drive more sales by upgrading their 1.8 million existing customers to Galaxy S II. Locally they also have great opportunities with the Korean Government to invest billions more in engineering that will benefit them as they currently employ 50% of Koreans engineers.  Also the 2012 London Olympic Games also are a major opportunity for the Galaxy brand as Samsung is one of the major sponsors and visibility for all Samsung products will be high in the Olympics. The Threats of the Galaxy S II are the competition. While Samsung faces a good quarter for Q1 this year with 60 million units sold worldwide.  Analysts believe Q2 wasn’t has great due to strong performance of Apple Iphone 4 (“5 things to watch out for Samsung” Wall Street Journal, July 28, 2011). Also they are up against fierce competition from Motorola Atrix, HTC Desire S, LG Optimus, Sony Ericson Expedia Arc, and Nokia as the leaders of the market. Another two big threats also are building......

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