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Senior Research Paper 2011-2012

The Basics
Your assignment is to write a persuasive literary analysis research paper over an approved author and topic.

The Topic
Your may choose one of the following topics to write about: 1. How the author’s life influenced their work (if it did at all). 2. A common theme that appears in many of their works.
Keep your preferred topic in mind as you gather your sources. It will help you decide on what source material you should keep and what source material you should discard. All your source material should help you formulate your argument.

The Sources
Your sources must be legitimate and academic. I expect you to use a variety of the sources available in the library including books, online databases, magazines, journal articles, etc…. You may not use generic internet sources (e.g.,, Wikipedia, Spark Notes, Pink Monkey, etc…). You may use information gathered from or
Source Requirements: • A minimum of 4 original works by your chosen author- these will be poems, or short stories, or plays, etc… • A minimum of 3 criticisms that provide relevant information about your author and topic. • A minimum of 1 biographical source.
Make sure you have detailed information about your poems and authors, including textual examples, line numbers, and source information need to complete the works cited.

Paper Format
The paper will follow all applicable MLA format requirements, include a works cited page, and be a minimum of six paragraphs in length. These requirements are non-negotiable and their omission will severely impact your final grade.

The Final Product
Your final research project should be in a 1-1.5 ring binder. The binder should include (in order): 1. A creative cover page with the title of your paper and your name. This page does not have to follow any particular format, but remember that I like creativity! 2. The final copy of your paper in MLA format. The works cited page is the last page of your paper. 3. A printed copy of your receipt 4. A divider-this may be as simple as a colored sheet of paper. 5. The copy of your research paper outline 6. The copy of your peer reviewed and marked-up rough draft. 7. A divider-this may be as simple as a colored sheet of paper. 8. The copies of your sources in the following order: 1. original works, 2. criticisms, 3. biography info. 9. A divider-this may be as simple as a colored sheet of paper. 10. All the handouts and returned papers for the entire project-KEEP EVERYTHING. If you have lost some, print another copy from my website- I do not have any extras available.

Major Due Dates • Rough Draft Due Date: • Final Draft Due Date: • There will be several other checkpoint grades as we progress through the paper

Name ___________________________ Period ______

English IV -- Research Paper Rubric

MLA Format (20) _______
Follows all MLA guidelines including: Heading, Page number, Correct parenthetical documentation Indentation of long quotations, Double spaced throughout Works Cited page
Excellent Good Fair Poor
18-20 15-17 13-14 7-12

Content (30) _______
Introduction has attention getter, bridge, and a clear thesis statement
Clear introduction, body, and conclusion
The essay covers the topic well and uses a variety of reliable sources.
Thorough development with details and commentary; logical presentation of ideas
Is easy to follow and is well organized
Excellent Good Fair Poor
28-30 25-27 20-24 15-19

Language Usage (20) _______
Appropriateness to purpose and audience, Sophisticated yet not precocious
Precise word choice and usage, Sentence variety - Sentence complexity
Does not use “you” or “I”
Excellent Good Fair Poor
18-20 15-17 13-14 7-12

Mechanics (30) _______
Fluent expression; lack of choppiness/awkwardness/wordiness
Complete Sentences, showing mastery of: Placement of modifiers, agreement of subject and verb, agreement of pronoun and antecedent, consistent verb tense, parallelism, pronoun forms
Spelling, Capitalization, Paragraphing
Punctuation: end marks, commas, quotation marks, apostrophe
Excellent Good Fair Poor
28-30 25-27 20-24 15-19

TOTAL POINTS (100): __________

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