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The foundation of nursing is molded by ethics and values. Nurses provide nursing care for the sick and

suffering. Nurses are highly efficient in planning; implementing and evaluating the nursing care for the

patient. They are efficient in decision-making and have adequate technical skills. Nurses provide

compassionate care for the patient and families during the time of treatment. Nurses are very cautious

while assessing their patient to assure that they get the accurate treatment, and to avoid unwanted

treatment leading to suffering. Nurses provide safe environment for the patient, family and protect

the patient privacy. Nurses must advance the knowledge of profession by education, and they implement

these knowledge in planning, implementing and evaluating the patient care. They are able to collaborate

with other health care professionals in promoting health and welfare of the individual, families,

communities, nation and world to bring a social change by extending towards health related socio-

cultural issues (The American Nurses Association, 2010). My philosophy of nursing has derived from

what I believe to be a core nursing characteristics. The concept of my personal philosophy-nursing

carrier was derived from the value system, and the influence of academic and clinical instructors of my

profession. The principles of my philosophy are, reverence, awareness, compassion, morality,

encouragement, holism, critical thinking, communication, education. I keep up my professional values

outside of my carrier. In order to deliver optimal health care to the patient, I provide high quality and

compassionate care for all patients irrespective of their socio economic status, culture or nature of

disease. As a nurse I am able to develop a professional attachment with my clients while providing


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