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Mother Teresa was known for her missionary work in India and giving to the poor. She spent her life giving and helping those who were much less fortunate than her. At an early age, she gave her life to missionary work, and from then- the age of 18- she lead her life as any good Catholic should, opening her heart and following the path of God and Jesus Christ. Her outstanding work with the poor lead her to be recognized and appreciated with several awards, one being the Nobel Peace Prize. Being of Catholic views, she believed in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. That is central to the Catholic worldview. Family in the views of a catholic is essential and important. Without family, we as people are nothing. Family, to the Catholic religion is seen as critical point were moral and socializing takes place. In family is were socializing first takes place (Britantica Acadmic Edition, 2012). Within that family, each individual is a unique and beautiful person whom Christ has love for, yet another important part of Catholicism. Within a family, we as people share love, care, and warmth- this is important. Each person within a family through the eyes of a Catholic is loved by God, and it is essential that they express their love for God to others, because of how much he loves them. Mother Teresa lived her life giving to others in poverty, they became her family. Like an Catholic, she gave what she could where she could. Catholics view the act of giving essential. It is important to always give to those who do not have as much as ourselves- and that is something that all people from several other worldviews share. Through the act of helping one another, Catholics are able to live a much more fulfilling life and a prosperous one as one community- one family- helping one another. That was the path that Mother Teresa followed by giving her life to missionary work. She believed

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