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Application Form V9 22/5/13


P. O. Box 4059,
Hamilton East 3247

Phone: (07) 859 2805


Date of Application_____________













The following shifts may be available:

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 9-11am, 11-2pm, 2-5pm, 5-8.30pm, 5.30-8.30pm.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-5pm.

How many shifts/ hours can you work each week?

I am aware that the nature of work at DigiPoll is casual and is contingent upon the demand for
DigiPolls’ services. DigiPoll reserves the right to roster staff at its’ own discretion.
A copy of your CV with educational and work history is required. Please include 2 referees we may contact.
Have you attached your C.V.?




Have you included names of 2 referees?

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Application Form V9 22/5/13


Do you have a family member/s who currently works at DigiPoll? I.e. Parent, sibling or close relative.
Name of Relative:__________________________________Relationship:_______________________________
Name of Relative:__________________________________Relationship:_______________________________

Are you legally entitled to work in New Zealand?
(If holding a current work visa a copy must be provided)



Do you have any present criminal convictions?
(Not including any concealed under the Clean Slate Act)



Do you have any health related issues, that may impact on your ability to perform the tasks required, including any psychological
disorder that you are currently receiving treatment for?
If ‘ YES’ please provide details below:

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...Massachusetts Sales Tax Guide,Massachusetts,Sec. 6Exemptions GENERAL LAWS OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1932, CHAPTER 64H TAX ON RETAIL SALES OF CERTAIN TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY, CHAPTER 64H Imposition and Rate of Tax Statutes Cases & Rulings Regulations CCH Explanations The following sales and the gross receipts therefrom shall be exempt from the tax imposed by this chapter:— 6(a) Sales which the commonwealth is prohibited from taxing under the constitution or laws of the United States. 6(b) Sales of tangible personal property in transit or stored at points of entry intended for export or import or which the vendor is obligated under the terms of any agreement to deliver (1) to a purchaser outside the commonwealth or to a designee outside the commonwealth of a purchaser outside the commonwealth or (2) to an interstate carrier for delivery to a purchaser outside the commonwealth or to a designee outside the commonwealth of a purchaser outside the commonwealth. 6(c) Casual and isolated sales by a vendor who is not regularly engaged in the business of making sales at retail; provided, however, that nothing contained in this paragraph shall be construed to exempt any such sale of a motor vehicle or trailer, as defined in section one of chapter ninety, or any such sale of a boat or airplane, from the tax imposed under chapter sixty-four I. 6(d) Sales to the United States, the commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof, or their respective...

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