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For John Taylor Gatto, being educated and being schooled are two things different.

Effectively, for him the school goal is to bring children at “the same safe level”

meanwhile education could be aquired without the teacher’s help. Then, do we really

need school?

As John said, our schools look like prisons in which you are forced to work or without

working, you will fail over and over. School is then synonymous of success; by

going to school you are required to acquire the most knowledge possible for successing

in your future life.Are all the people who graduate from secondary school successful?

Are all the people who were or are successful such as George Washington, graduated

from our secondary school? No unfortunatelly, then what is the real purpose of our

schools? Would we change its system by being more flexible with what our teachers are

teaching to us because mostly it is not necessarly especially in our future life.

In fact, education should remplace schools; I am not saying that school is not

important, it is but we should more focus on educating our children rather that forcing

them to learn things they would not need things that bore them most of the time.

Then, I do agree with Taylor. Nowadays, without a graduation in secondary school, it’s

hard to enter into a good university, thereby hard to get a good job later.

Our role upon children is to help them develop in what they really like, we have to

educate them by being more flexible with classes’s schedule, introducing more boreless

activities, helping children develop their intellectual mind , successing in their fields.

By forcing our children to go to school, we’re reducing the number of things they could

really do if we had given them freedom of expressing themselves.

We have to combine education and school not

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