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Screwtape Letters Approach


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The Screwtape Letters Approach Paper
The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis is filled Lewis’ classic satirist style of writing. Lewis uses The Screwtape Letters to contrast his Christian views with a Non-Christian outlook, thus requires those who read the marvelous book to dig deep into our inner most thoughts and realize the true power of the Devil. The two main characters in the book are Uncle Screwtape and Wormwood, Screwtape’s nephew. Throughout the book Screwtape tries to twist Wormwood thinking with the demonic thoughts; such as if one was to win an award instead of being happy about yourself, one will become prideful and boastful.
Uncle Screwtape: Manipulative, Twisted, Persistent
Wormwood: Naïve, Mute, Student
1. Why does Screwtape see a relationship with God so “unfathomable?”

2. What are Screwtape’s views on war and why does he appreciate war and fear it at the same time?

3. How does the relationship of Wormwood and Screwtape change throughout the book?

“Humour is for them the all-consoling and (mark this) the all-excusing, grace of life. Hence, it is invaluable as a means of destroying shame. If a man simply lets others pay for him, he is 'mean,' but if he boasts of it in a jocular manner and twits his fellows with having been scored off, he is no longer 'mean' but a comical fellow. Mere cowardice is shameful; cowardice boasted of with humourous exaggerations and grotesque gestures can be passed off as funny. Cruelty is shameful -- unless the cruel man can represent it as a practical joke. A thousand bawdy, or even blasphemous, jokes do not help towards a man's damnation so much as his discovery that almost anything he wants to do can be done, not only without the disapproval but with the admiration of his fellows, if only it can get itself treated as a Joke." (Pg. 51-52) C.S. Lewis, one of the most brilliant writers of all time, in one’s opinion, he hits the nail on the head for this quote. One must read this quote a few times, not because it is hard to understand but because it puts them in awe of how correct he is. If anything is done or said that is considered “immoral” or “inappropriate” in time is becomes a joke, given the situation. Even making humorous jokes have been made about the most heinous crimes. Not only is this quote one of the most intelligent paragraphs I’ve ever read the entire book of Screwtape Letters is. Screwtape Letters is one of those books everyone must read once time or another in their life.

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