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Sunsilk shampoo is a product offered by Hindustan Unilever as a part of Personal and Healthcare division of the company. Under the Sunsilk Brand, HUL has offered hair care products ranging from shampoos to conditioners to Hair-Serum to other Hair care products. Different Sunsilk shampoos are: Sunsilk : Sunsilk - Anti dandruff – blue; Sunsilk damage repair – orange; Sunsilk thick and long – pink; Sunsilk soft and smooth – yellow; Sunsilk black shine – black; Sunsilk hair fall - gold Sunsilk Naturals Range: Sunsilk Naturals Silky Strength with Henna & Lotus extracts, Sunsilk Naturals Black Shine with Amla & Sunflower extracts, Sunsilk Naturals Curl Control with Milk Proteins, and Sunsilk Naturals Anti-dandruff with Curd and Lemon. Color and Shine Range: Sunsilk for Red hair, Sunsilk for Dark Brown hair and Sunsilk for Black hair Fig1. Sunsilk Color and Shine shampoo for Brown Hair Customer-value hierarchy The Customer-value hierarchy has been followed by the company for Sunsilk shampoo as mentioned below: Core Benefit – Through Sunsilk shampoo, the company has provided solution for the core benefit of cleansing of hair, especially to women. Basic Product – This benefit has been translated in the form of shampoo which offers cleansing along with conditioning (shampoo plus conditioner). Expected Product - The product has been offered as different types of shampoos on the basis of hair types (Dry, Normal, Oily) and desired results (Anti-Frizz, Anti-Dandruff etc.). Augmented product – Sunsilk shampoo initially was launched as a shampoo for dry, normal or oily hair and later was extended for colored hair along with being enriched with conditioner to do away with need for a separate conditioner to be used by women. Potential product – Sunsilk shampoo is still evolving and we have seen that every alternate year some major improvement is introduced in the product line to incorporate innovation to satisfy customers and distinguish its offerings. Sunsilk shampoo has been classified as nondurable and convenience (staple) good and follows product and marketing-mix strategy befitting its type.

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