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This is the story of how my life ended. No it wasn’t because of some illness, or suicide, but it was because of someone. I kept warning everyone about the things that were happening to me and no one lessened. No one. They all said: “you are being paranoid”, or “ Why on Earth would anyone want to chase you?” So I gave up on trying to prove it to them. If only I didn’t give up; then maybe, maybe I would still be alive and to be able to blow my 18th birthday cake. All those wonderful plans for my future, all those years of taking hard classes during High School; they were all for nothing. All those money that my parents spent on me to become somebody all went for nothing. This is all I can think about. I am Sorry for myself. Sorry for my self that I couldn’t live the life that I always wanted. The life my parents wanted for me, and this is how it goes…
“MOOOOM! CAN I GO TO THE MALL WITH LUCY?” I asked hoping she would let me go.
“ But you guys hanged out recently Diana” Replied my mom.
“ Mom two weeks ago is not recent,” I said “ She is my best friend you know…”
“ If I say yes will you promise to come back home before 7? We have that dinner we need to go to.” She said.
“Yes! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be back before you know it.” I said. I can’t believe she said yes this fast. It usually takes me forever to convince her to let me go somewhere, and sometimes I need to start the water works so that she will feel sorry for me and let me go. The weather outside is amazing, and you can smell the roses that Mrs. Knight, our neighbor (who is obsessed with flowers) planted.

As I was turning on the radio I noticed that it’s not working (The radio can start before turning the car on). “Weird” I said out loud. “ Ugh! What a great way to start the day…” I guess I can live one day without music until I get it fixed. I turn the key to start the car, and it’s not…...