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Social Work Career Analysis

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There is no other field that offers me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction. I have been left wanting to do more, to expand my knowledge of resources available if not creating them. At this point in my life, I feel I would quickly exhaust every possible avenue of challenge and promotion at my current academic and skill level. There is a great deal more change that I would like to affect for more people, and on a larger scale. I believe the path to joining a master’s program for Social Work is how I will achieve my goals, particularly improving my understanding of creation and management of social programs.To tip the scales in the favor of people wanting or needing to break down the barriers that impede them from accomplishing

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...Yisi Zuo SOC 101 Gender Differences and Social Work Intervention in China Introduction Professional activity is one of the most important human activities in modern society; its effects permeate all areas of personal, family and social life. As China's market economy development and social transformation, and increasingly fierce competition in the labor market, unemployment and the rising threat of job flows down, various pressures caused by occupational activities are turned into a widespread social phenomenon. Social development is sustainable, inappropriate occupational stress is not only not conducive to human physical and mental health, family harmony, organizational effectiveness, from a long-term point of view to harmonious and sustainable economic and social development will have a negative impact. Occupational stress mechanisms, manifestations and reaction of certain differences exist in different populations. From a gender perspective, we can see that female occupational stress problem is very prominent. Thus, gender differences in occupational stress is becoming a psychology, sociology, economics, management, organizational behavior, and other subjects of concern to many disciplines. In view of this, angles of social work, this paper, combined with the gender difference in occupational stress survey data, create female occupational stress management and mitigation of social work intervention mechanisms with a view to achieving ease female occupational stress and...

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Work Life Balance Quality of work life and career development: perceptions of part-time MBA students Jessica Li College of Information, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA, and Quality of work life and career development 201 Received 19 April 2010 Revised 8 November 2010 Accepted 10 November 2010 Roland K. Yeo Kuwait Maastricht Business School, Salmiya, Kuwait Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine what employees perceive as positive and negative aspects of their work, and how these affect their perceptions of the quality of work life (QWL) and their career development decisions. Design/methodology/approach – This is a qualitative study using data collected from an online discussion forum. Thematic and textual analysis was performed to identify core themes associated with perceptions of QWL and career development. Data analysis was based on the researchers’ interpretations of narratives based on the online postings of 140 part-time MBA students and guided by the literature. Findings – Four major themes emerged as domains of tensions within which employees operated to construct meanings around their work life. These include: internal and external tension, private and public tension, self and otherness tension, and present and future tension. Career development support, flexibility and autonomy in job design as well as flexibility in career development planning emerged as positive career development strategies that would affect...

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...Compensatory education: additional educational opportunities/resources directed at deprived or under-achieving pupils. • Cultural deprivation: a lack or deficit of values (or of norms, attitudes, skills or knowledge). Partial answer [immediate gratification / a lack of culture] • Vocational education: relating to a career or specific work roles. • Ethnocentric curriculum: the subjects taught in school being biased towards one particular culture. One mark for a partially satisfactory answer. 02 Suggest three ways/reasons ... (6 marks) Two marks for each of three appropriate ways. One mark will be awarded where there is a partially appropriate answers. Marxists see school as being similar to the world of work: • A hierarchy of authority • Fragmentation of work/learning • Extrinsic rewards • Based on competition • Alienation • Status differences. Boys’ educational under-achievement: • Lack of male teacher role models • Feminisation of assessment • Boys’ poorer literacy • Laddish subcultures • Decline of traditional ‘male’ jobs. Educational policies that may have contributed to social class differences in achievement: • The tripartite system/ the eleven-plus exam/Butler Act/1944 Act • Streaming • Marketisation • Private schooling • Fees for higher education. Note: Award...

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...SECTION A PERSONAL ATTRIBUTE VENSUS CAREER DEVELOPMENT Introduction Due to the change of social construction and production mechanism in Hong Kong, Knowledge-based Society is essential for the sustainability development of Hong Kong in the 21st century that cultivates talent labors (MediaDigest, RTHK, 2006). Recently, the globalization is allied and compounded around the world. It indicates the trend of “Whole People Education” for undergraduates to develop their own strategic vision and analytical technology for the externally globalized environment – social and economy (Y.K. Pang, HKIE, 2009). Integrated with the upward paragraph, this promotion has rapidly developed owing to the advocate of “Lifelong Learning” (executed by Tung Chee-hwa, the first Chief Executive of HKSAR). Based on the data generation, the percentage of growth rate of continuous education has increasing from 18 in 2002 to 28 in 2003 (Professor K.M. Yeung, HKU SPACE). In the literature aspects, “Lifelong Learning” is the recognition that learning may stretch out across a lifetime for anyone sustainability use and renew throughout each lifespan (Field, 2006). Based on Role of Reflection in Learning (Kolb, 1984), its operation is coordinated with 3 main items – (1) 1 Action, (2) Reflect on Experience; and (3) Conclude and Learn. For my own view, it could be comprehended with using the outcome of your lifespan to strengthen the core competence to make the continuous improvement...

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...PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION FACTORS INFLUENCING CAREER CHOICE AMONG THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN THE SOUTH TONGU DISTRICT OF VOLTA REGION, GHANA DANIEL KWASI GAMELI AVUGLA JULY, 2011 UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION FACTORS INFLUENCING CAREER CHOICE AMONG THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN THE SOUTH TONGU DISTRICT OF VOLTA REGION, GHANA DANIEL KWASI GAMELI AVUGLA (B.ED BUSINESS EDUCATION, ACCOUNTING OPTION) A Thesis in the Department of Psychology and Education, Faculty of EDUCATIONAL STUDIES Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, University of Education, Winneba, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for award of the Master of Philosophy (M. Phil Guidance & Counselling) degree JULY, 2011 DECLARATION STUDENT’S DECLARATION I, DANIEL KWASI GAMELI AVUGLA declare that this Thesis, with the exception of quotations and references contained in published works which have all being identified and duly acknowledged, is entirely my own original work, and it has not been submitted, either in part or whole for another degree elsewhere SIGNATURE: ............................................................................. DATE: ......................................................................................... SUPERVISOR’S DECLARATION I hereby declare that the preparation and presentation of this work was supervised by me in accordance with the guidelines...

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...S.A Per.4 12/3/12 Career Paper: History Teacher For my career project I choose Historian, which can be categorized as a History teacher or professor. History is the ideal career for me, due to the passion I have for it. As an individual I see myself as more open to working cooperatively, I find it difficult to work in solitude. Teaching is the perfect career for my personality; I value knowledge and consider myself an exemplary student. This career was one of the choices from my personality survey, It suits my style of working and the type of environment I most comfortable with. History is my favorite subject in school, so perhaps my passion in it can lead me to a prosperous career. Historians and or History teachers have one common goal, to spread the knowledge of the past, and make people understand the importance of history and how it connects to our world and our life’s. History can range from teaching World History, European History, Art History , and any other study that involves the analysis of the past. The process of historical analysis involves investigation and analysis of controversial ideas, facts to create coherent narratives and theories that explain "what happened" and "why or how it happened". Modern historical analysis usually specifies on social sciences, including economics, sociology, politics, psychology, anthropology, philosophy and linguistics. There are some historians that are guides in museums, this takes great knowledge and memorable facts...

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