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Change Acceleration Process Usage at Coca Cola
When Coca Cola Enterprises, the executive bottler in the Western Europe area for Coca Cola decided to focus on remaining the top beverage maker, the company realized that it must update its systems and modernize platforms across markets to create a cohesive view of metrics and streamline processes (Sapardanis, 2012). The organization recognized that it needed to establish a uniform IT program across all business units to expand its footprint across Europe. Coca Cola Enterprises begin working with Genesys which help to implement a SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that would help the organization to replace its old system. The new system would allow Coca Cola Enterprises to shorten the cycle times in process such as, order to cash, requisition to payment, and record to report; making the company more productive and bringing in more visibility and improved decision making (Sapardanis, 2012). The introduction of the change management and version control software for all the industrial programmable devices helped Coca Cola Enterprises to avoid costly delays and disrupted delivery schedules since it production time had now been minimized (Pendrous, 2008). To do this Coca Cola improved it change management and software version control with a variety of different programmable logic controls (PLC) which assisted in making changes to the PLC codes. PLC codes are necessary when new equipment is has been installed. Mass AutoSave is the equipment that is used by the organization to protect its suite of tools, save, restore, track changes for industrial programmable documents and devices (Pendrous, 2008). The system is able to monitor itself and produce reports when discrepancies have been PLC codes and PLC programs which can be checked by an administrator.

Pendrous, R. (2008). Times are changing at...

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