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Something Deeper

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Something Deeper
Jada McGinnis
4th Hour
Film, Lit. and the Media “Just a childrens story or something deeper?” is the question that’s on the minds of many when discussing the classic novel, “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ”. The heart of the book involves a “Brainless” Scarecrow, a “Heartless” Tinman, a “Cowardly” Lion, a “Bad” Witch, a “Good” Witch, a wizard deemed as The Great Oz and a little girl named Dorothy who just wanted to get back home. All aspects that would make you believe it to be just a children’s story and nothing more right? Wrong! When author, L. Frank Baum created The Wizard of OZ maybe he had something else up his sleeve; a deeper meaning. The Wonderful Wizard of OZ was written in the 1900’s during the collapse of the populist movement. Making it to believe that, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ is nothing but a Political Allegory. It was reported that author Frank L. Baum was a political activist in the 1890’s who showed a great deal of interest in the question of “gold and silver”. The question of Gold and Silver being whether or not both silver and gold should be used as currency ( Bryan’s side) or the economic account being based on a fixed quantity of gold (the Republicans side). To put the controversy in a simpler form; you had two sides, “free silver” (Bryan) and “sound money” (Republicans). In Baums’, The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ, the “Yellow Brick Road” would represent the Gold standard and the silver slippers; most commonly known as ruby slippers in the film version, would represent the “free silver” movement. The belief that The Wizard of OZ is more than just a children’s story, but an allegory dates all the way back to the year of 1964, when high school teacher Henry Littlefield wrote an article in the American Quarterly, titled The Wizard of OZ:Parable on Populism. It is also believed by...

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