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Southwest Airlines' Company Purpose

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Southwest Airlines Company's Purpose
Belen Juarez
October 6, 2015
University of Phoenix

Southwest Airlines Company's Purpose
Every day someone is traveling. One of the most common forms of traveling is the airline. Whether the trip is business or personal, most likely while purchasing the ticket, checking in, or boarding the plane we do not sit there and ponder what the company's purpose or philosophy is. People get so caught up in everyday life they forget the company’s services that they are using have a purpose to serve them. In this paper, you will get an overview on Southwest Airlines Company, its culture, values, and communication.
With headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Southwest Airlines Company is one of the major United States airlines, as well as the world's leading low-priced carrier. Southwest Airlines Co. “founded on March 15, 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher” (, Sept).
For the very first time, Southwest Airlines Co. launched international services on July 1, 2014. The total number of flight to and from Latin American and the Caribbean was up to 100 per day (Kelly, 2015). A company’s culture is member’s values and practices; essential it is the employee’s values and practices that can make or break the company. Southwest Airlines Company (2015) defines culture as “the development, improvement, and refinement of the originality, individuality, identity, and personality of a given people.” Southwest Airlines Co. prides itself in going out of their way to make every customer’s travel a comfortable, “friendly, reliable, low-cost one”. Their vision is to grow to be the "World's Most Loved, Most Flown, and Most Profitable Airline" (Southwest Airlines Co., 2015). Values do not only play an important part in our personal lives, but also in running a company. Values are what you think are important in how you live your...

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