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Meeting Analysis Steven Hines

I attended a meeting with the 4th Sustainment Brigade Communications group. The intent of the meeting was review the training calendar, make an outline for headquarters restructuring, and address any Service Member or Staff issues that may have arisen.
The meeting started out with everyone assembling in a conference room complete with a projector and conference phone. After everyone was assembled each member introduced themselves. The location of the meeting was at the 4th sustainment brigade Headquarters on fort hood.
The meeting was conducted with the officer in charge addressing the group on different tasks he had assigned to specific individuals.
Decisions did not have to be made at this meeting. As the officer addressed each one of his subordinates he wanted to know what they had made progress on. If no progress was made: the officer would ask what sorts of things prevented the job from being done. The officer Major Thompson would then offer an appropriate course of action and an even shorter suspense to get things finished up.
Each junior leader at the meeting brought in notes about their progress or the lack thereof. Things were mostly informal sharing of information or ways of doing things was encouraged.
There was a formal leader with one other member to take notes of what was discussed and announce the next meeting.
There were some disagreements as to how things would be carried out in another subordinates area of responsibility. Members would express strongly that they knew their customers well and could best serve them.
Ideas were thorough and group members seemed to have all needed documents support before the actual meeting.
I would not have had a problem addressing the group if I had still been in the military. There was a large concentration of time on work related issues and service member care.

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