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Select name,address from
CONCAT(emp_fname,' ',emp_lname) as name ,
CONCAT(address_st,', ', address_city, ' ',address_state, ' ', address_postcode ) as address,
emp_salary_hourly as salary
from employee,casual,address
where (employee.emp_id = casual.emp_id
employee.address_id_postal= address.address_id)
CONCAT(emp_fname,' ',emp_lname) as name ,
CONCAT(address_st,', ', address_city ' ',address_ state, ' ',address_postcode ) as address,
emp_salary_yearly as salary
from employee, fulltime, address
(employee.emp_id = fulltime.emp_id and employee.address_id_postal= address.address_id)) temp
order by salary ;



select CONCAT(Cust_FName ,' ' , Cust_LName) as Name, CustOrd_Date from CUSTOMERORDER, CUSTOMER where (CUSTOMERORDER.Cust_Number = CUSTOMER.Cust_Number) order by CustOrd_Date desc limit 1 ;



str_name,CONCAT(address_st,',',address_city, '',address_state,' ',address_postcode)as address
from store,address,
where store.address_id= address.address_id)
order by str_name;



select Cust_Number , CONCAT(Cust_FName,' ',Cust_LName) as Name from CUSTOMER where Cust_Number Not In ( select CUSTOMER.Cust_Number from CUSTOMER, CUSTOMERORDER where CUSTOMER.Cust_Number = CUSTOMERORDER.Cust_Number ) ,


Query 5
select CONCAT(emp_fname,' ',emp_lname) as name from employee where emp_id in( select emp_id from jobtype, casual where ( jobtype.jobtype_id =…...

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... Database The roles of the two products are very straightforward. Oracle9i Database manages all your data. This is not just the object relational data that you expect an enterprise database to manage. It can also be unstructured data like: • Spreadsheets • Word documents • PowerPoint presentations • XML • Multimedia data types like MP3, graphics, video, and more The data does not even have to be in the database. Oracle9i Database has services through which you can store metadata about information stored in file systems. You can use the database server to manage and serve information wherever it is located. Instructor Note XML (the Extensible Markup Language) was first ratified by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) as the standard for information exchange on the Internet in February 1998. Since then it has been rapidly gaining momentum as the development community has begun to appreciate its potential and as vendors have started to deliver tools to support it. XML specifies a rigorous, textbased way to represent the structure inherent in data so that it can be authored and interpreted unambiguously. Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL I-6 Relational and Object Relational Database Management System • • • • • Relational model and object relational model User-defined data types and objects Fully compatible with relational database Support of multimedia and large objects High-quality database server features I-7...

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