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Over the years standardized testing has played a major role on education. Preparation for these test has become important for teachers since a student may take a least one standardized test per year. And therein lies the problem; relying heavily on standardized test, whether or not these test actually have reliable scores and are worth the extensive focus. Standardized test negatively affect student learning because they focus on certain topics and generate unreliable test scores due to certain factors. These factors include limitation of creativity, narrowing of curriculum, use of outdated methods, repetition, race and gender. In my research I have found significant data supporting my views. But first it is important to understand what standardized tests are.

Standardized tests are different from other testing because they have uniform procedure. This means that they have the same time limits, fixed set of questions, and the scoring is also carefully outlined and uniform. Standardized test are usually scored objectively but there can be some questions such as a short answer question or personality questions which can be scored differently. Almost all test can be classified as informal or formal; a test given and create by a teacher is informal, but a standardized test is classified as formal (Mehrens and Lehmannn). There are certain characteristics a test must have to be a standardized test. The first characteristic is that the test must be designed by a specialist. These specialists have been trained in measurement and principles of test development (Wardrop). Testing organizations sometimes have large test-development staff in order to make sure the test gets passed through design and is published. This staff is composed of authors who help to make sure the test

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