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Being persuaded by anyone is considerate obeying and closes concepts of the difference in fundamental. This persuasion between them is not on demand while obedience does. The results of the process are considered a social control; obedience is subtle of control than persuasion. We are mostly likely prone to conformity and obedience but there is a difference between the groups depending on the person’s values or culture roles. Conformation is a group that can bring a reward such as support or self-esteem as well as security while the other brings the total opposite. Disobeying can lead to consequences examples would be not winning no rewards. Many things can damage views cognitive when obedience and confirmation goes against the systems.
The video Asch’s on You Tube shows people to conform even when they are truly not in the right. The study’s shows how people function in a group setting and how different mechanisms will try to avoid the negative consequences or their beliefs and being biases by their attitudes of what is really right. The studies shows different situations but neither group did conform; it did reflect on people’s traits and how we as people are totally different.
As for how I feel about the situation I am against the order of punishing someone. I do question a person authority and they can be wrong in a lot of studies no matter how many they do. I do believe in a person culture and how it may influence a person to be obedient and how they may view the experiment. I could not sit and continue knowing someone is in pain and I able to stop but choose not to do so. The guy was laughing if I was that person getting shocked and I see that video. I think I would just show him how it

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