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Hello Instructor & Class -

My name is John Knolton and I'm currently working to achieve my Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. During the earliest part of my life, I made plans for my future career and I did what it took to move forward towards my goals. In 1980, I reside in Atlanta,Georgia and currently operating a small business from the branch of my family called "Knolton Best Sellers (KBS)". As growing up as a youth, I always knew that my mom and dad were always small business owners so as I became older enough to copy my parents trademark I then moved to the next level to pursue my degree. I became a business owner in February 2012 and I can admit that I have accomplished beneficial knowledge within myself to be a successful entrepreneur.

I'm excited for returning back to school so I can earn the knowledge and understanding required for my career plans. As we begin this class, I would like to share my thoughts and studies throughout this course as a friendly classmate for any advice. I currently operates an electronic department and my work environment help me to prepare for my business future plans. During my daily work environment, I constantly think of new ideals and new strategy to improve the business guidelines throughout the company. I want to let everyone know that it's my pleasure to meet everyone as a classmates during this course and hope everyone does well.

Best Wishes,

John Knolton

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