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Sydney White Reflection

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Boyishness and simplicity: Two things that Sydney White and I embody. The reason why I’m boyish and simple is because I grew up with boys. They are my three cousins. My cousins made so much impact in my life; I choose sneakers over heels, I do not apply make-up and a lot more. While watching the movie I really saw myself in Sydney White because she hangs out with boys, she knows how to make them laugh and most especially she isn’t choosy. No wonder why Tyler Prince liked her.

Besides seeing myself with Sydney White, the movie made me understood more why we shouldn’t fit in especially when things doesn’t go right. There’s nothing wrong in being amiable but if your friends lead you into something bad, then stand up for yourself and find someone who is worth spending with. It is necessary to find a true friend. That person may help you to excel, improve, boost your confidence and be the best version of yourself. Learning should never stop even if we get old. If students learn from their teachers then teachers must also learn from their students. What I’m trying to say is that when things no longer work, then try exploring new stuff. Good stuff, specifically.

Friendship isn’t about someone’s complexion, height, weight, age or economic status. It is about the person’s character. At the end of the day, it is not the physical appearance that matters but what the person has done for you. Teenagers nowadays think that a pretty face means a pretty heart. They’re wrong because not all good-looking people are genuine. A person’s attitude will never be seen through looks. It may be seen through actions. But remember, not all actions are true. Be careful always.

If people doesn’t want you to be their friend, then so be it. Accept what happened and move on. Why is that? It’s like asking them to hate bacon. Never let...

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