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Lesson 14 progressive and eco safe driving
Progressive driving is about making maximum progress for the road, traffic and weather conditions without risking safety. This requires more driving skill along with better planning and awareness, particularly when you are overtaking or negotiating bends in the road. Eco safe driving is very similar but with more emphasis on saving fuel.

Lesson aims and objectives
During this lesson you will learn how to overtake fast moving vehicles on a single carriageway, how to negotiate bends at speed and how to recognise when speed can result in a waste of time, energy and fuel. By the end of this lesson you should be able to:
explain the difference between progressive driving and speeding;
explain the conditions that are likely to result in a skid and losing control of the vehicle;
consistently drive at such a speed that you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear;
explain what factors need to be considered when assessing how fast a bend can be negotiated safely and the risks involved;
identify the sharpness of a bend on approach and the most suitable speed and gear to negotiate the bend; ? demonstrate a reasonable level of skill in negotiating bends of differing shapes and complexity;
explain the likely places it would be unsafe to overtake and why;
demonstrate a reasonable level of skill in overtaking moving vehicles at speed on a single two way carriageway. ? demonstrate an eco driving style.

Subject brief
Progressive Driving
Speed versus Progress
There is one golden rule about speed never drive beyond the limits of your vision - always drive at such a speed that you can stop safely within the distance you can see to be clear. Speed does not necessarily equal progress. For example when you are proceeding in a constant flow of traffic that has few significant gaps there is little point in racing to overtake at every opportunity as your progress will continually be hindered by the overall flow of the traffic. You would be constantly slowing down and accelerating to save a few minutes out of a 60 minute journey time.

The fuel you would use on such a journey would potentially be doubled and your energy would be sapped from all the extra concentration needed to cope with the overtaking and the constant changes of speed. Therefore the progressive driver uses his brain and does not waste fuel or energy for little or no gain in overall journey times.
One extra stop for fuel would loose any gain you might make.

Balance - the first thing that you need to learn to successfully negotiate bends at speed is balance. The vehicle achieves maximum adhesion when the weight of the car is evenly spread over each wheel and across the whole of the tread of the tyres .
When steering:

Lesley Drive
01977 6918 r
0800 - 400
- 777

Keeping a grip
When driving at speed road and tyre adhesion become critical. Therefore anything that will influence this adhesion must be considered when you are driving. Tyre tread depth, tyre pressure and the car’s suspension all affect the car’s ability to stop or take corners at speed. Changes in the road surface also play a major role. Wet leaves, mud, oil, ice, snow and water on the surface of the road all affect adhesion as does the actual material make up of the road surface itself. Certain road surface materials give a better grip. Changes in the way the road inclines can also affect adhesion particularly on corners. All the above need to be carefully considered if you want to make maximum progress without compromising safety.
Driving round the bend
There is a lot of skill and balance needed to make maximum progress round bends. However, the first thing to remember is the golden rule. Just because you can take a bend at 50 mph doesn’t mean that you should, especially, if you cannot see what's around the corner. You may discover a steam roller, a combine harvester or an articulated lorry waiting for you!
When approaching a bend you need to consider; ? of the bend; the shape
? can see ahead; what you
? the road surface (and does what's on it incline in any way)
? will hit if you lose control. what you
If there are trees along the road and you are pushing the car and/or your own ability to its limits then you are dicing with death. Bends take many “boy and girl racer’s” lives.


When braking:

01977 6918


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0800 400 tres

As soon as you brake or turn the weight of the car shifts so adhesion may primarily be occurring on only one or two of the tyres and, if the wheels lock, only across part of the tyre’s tread. This dramatically increases the risk of a skid
(i.e. the loss of adhesion) and makes the car very unstable. Therefore you should not be braking or accelerating at the point you enter the bend. Ideally you should maintain a constant speed into and around the bend. As you come out of the bend you can begin to accelerate.
Sensitivity - when you turn your steering wheel it should be done gradually and smoothly without jerking. You are trying to minimise the sharpness of the curve you are turning without cutting across to the other side of the road or allowing your road position to become a hazard to oncoming vehicles. On approach to the hazard (i.e. the bend) you should apply your hazard drill making sure you are at the correct speed and in the correct gear before you start to turn.


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Lesson 14 progressive and eco safe driving
Overtaking at speed on single carriageways Overtaking moving vehicles at speed on a single carriageway is potentially the most dangerous manoeuvre you can perform. You are driving on the wrong side of the road while traffic may be heading towards you.

01977 691800

120mph collision 60mph

Learner Driving Centres
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Choose a safe place to overtake
Perhaps the most important thing to learn about overtaking is where not to overtake. You should never normally overtake immediately after a warning sign, in particular those shown below:

There are two important points to learn from this. Firstly, if your view ahead is not absolutely clear wait and secondly; always be prepared to abort the overtake, if necessary.
The overtaking procedure
The overtaking procedure is similar to that covered on the dual carriageway lesson, however, we now have to consider oncoming traffic. You would probably use the hazard drill at least three times as shown below.
Never ‘follow through’
You may occasionally find yourself in a stream of traffic all of which intend to overtake a slow moving vehicle. Make sure that you can see clearly ahead before overtaking in this situation. Never blindly follow the vehicle in front assuming that it is safe to overtake.

Cancel your signal.


You need to look well ahead for these hazards and also for any road markings.

Move into the left hand lane without cutting in.

Check your mirrors to see what is following and ensure it is safe to move back into the left hand lane.

SG Speed up, especially if you had to reduce speed earlier.

Check your mirrors and glance to your right to ensure it is safe to continue with the overtake.

SG Adjust your speed to match that of the vehicle in front if it is not safe to proceed with the overtake or select the best gear for overtaking.

Learner Driving Centres
Call free 0800 400 777

Dead Ground



Signal your intention to overtake. M

01977 691800


Move your vehicle into the right hand lane while maintaining adequate clearance from the target vehicle. S

Dead ground
One physical hazard that is not easy to spot is something known as “Dead
Ground”. This is where the road dips into a hollow giving you the illusion that there are no oncoming vehicles when in fact there are.


Maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front.
Check your mirrors well in advance for potential gaps behind.



Eco-safe driving
Eco-safe driving is a style of driving that will help to reduce damage to our planet and the air we breathe whilst improving road safety and saving you up to 15% on your fuel bill. Transport currently accounts for 20% of all air pollution emissions in the world.

inefficient use of the gears and speeding (i.e. exceeding permitted limits or driving at speeds unsafe for the prevailing conditions). The skills required for hazard perception, defensive driving and progressive driving play a big part in eco-safe driving as they will help you to avoid inefficient use of the accelerator, brake and gears through better awareness, anticipation and planning. There are four key aspects to being an eco-safe driver namely: 1. Minimise harsh or rapid acceleration
Whenever it is safe to do so, gradually increase speed by gently depressing the accelerator. Don't peak the revs on your rev counter, try to get them to grow steadily in line with your speed on your speedometer. Don't accelerate unnecessarily. Look well ahead to see what is happening, to ensure that any acceleration now will not be wasted a little later on because you have to brake.
Let gravity aid you so that if you are going down hill you may find you can fully release pressure on the accelerator and still maintain a safe speed.
2. Minimise harsh braking or unnecessary stopping
Look well ahead and if you see that you will need to reduce speed, do it gradually using engine braking by simply releasing pressure on the accelerator rather than applying the brake at the last minute. Gradually adjust your speed to time your arrival at meet situations or when turning right such that you can potentially maintain progress and avoid having to stop.
Similarly, you can do this when emerging from a give way junction provided you have a good view of the road you intend to emerge into as you approach the junction.
3. Engage higher gears as soon as possible without labouring the engine
Avoid engaging unnecessary intermediate gear changes so that you can more quickly engage higher gears or delay engaging lower gears. Modern cars are designed to deliver power even when engine revs are quite low and provided you haven't lost momentum as you slow down you will be surprised how late you can leave a downward gear change without risking an engine stall. Eco-safe driving is not about driving slowly (although this would undoubtedly help to reduce fuel consumption and accidents) it is more about avoiding senseless wastage of fuel through unnecessary acceleration or braking,
Copyright of Teaching Driving Limited. All right reserved. Copying and distribution of the contents of this page in any form is strictly prohibited. A viewer may only print one copy for their own individual use. Driving instructors should particularly note these restrictions.

Lesson 14 progressive and eco safe driving
4. Avoid manoeuvring whilst the engine is cold if at all possible
Cold engines use more fuel. Do any manoeuvring before you get out of the vehicle rather then when you return to the vehicle (for example by reversing into parking places or driveways rather than reversing out). Not only does this save fuel, it is also a much safer way to emerge onto a road.
Finally, if you need to use a manual choke to start the vehicle, always remember to press it back in once the engine is sufficiently warm. Driving safety is paramount, so never sacrifice safety for fuel saving.
The above behaviours will not only save you fuel they will also save wear and tear on the car’s engine, brakes and tyres thus saving you even more money. By driving less impulsively and continually planning ahead you will not only save money you will also become an even safer driver. So save money, save lives, save our planet - adopt an eco-safe style of driving.

Highway Code study
Rules: 103, 113 - 115, 121, 127 - 129,
154, 164 - 169, 274, 276 - 287.

Copyright of Teaching Driving Limited. All right reserved. Copying and distribution of the contents of this page in any form is strictly prohibited. A viewer may only print one copy for their own individual use. Driving instructors should particularly note these restrictions.

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Leadership Development Seminars and Ecq-Based Readings2

...and the essential services we provide to the American public. To be successful at navigating these challenges leaders must develop the essential skills to motivate their employees, effectively communicate with others, fine-tune critical thinking skills, and build and leverage partnerships. Future leaders must also be visionary; i.e., possess the ability to identify trends and the courage to be innovative. Being technically adept in your field will no longer be enough. In response to these demands on senior executives, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management identified five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) that all aspiring government leaders and executives must possess. These ECQs and Fundamental Competencies were developed by OPM after extensive research on the attributes of successful executives in both the private and public sector. The ECQs represent the best thinking of organizational psychologists, human resources professionals, and members of the federal Senior Executive Service. * * How to use this catalog: The “Leadership Development Seminars January 2013-2014 Edition” and Readings by ECQ is a comprehensive, (although not all-encompassing)...

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Generic Prescription Drug Cost Hike

...benefit added to Medicare. Both George W. Bush and Al Gore have proposed a plan to expand Medicare to include full prescription-drug coverage for senior citizens receiving Medicare, at the expense of taxpayers. It is obvious why this issue has been such a priority for both candidates. Senior citizens vote at a much higher rate than other age groups. Both candidates know the importance of these senior citizen votes and believe that the proposal of adding a prescription-drug benefit is something that will appeal to a vast number of senior citizens. Both candidates have portrayed the issue as being very critical and as a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The question, however, is whether or not such drug coverage is a worthwhile project to undertake. Is the problem indeed serious enough to call for the type of reform that the candidates are proposing? Medicare is already a very costly program to keep up, and adding prescription-drug coverage would increase these costs even more. In order to fund this project, there will need to be a tax hike. Should taxpayers subsidize this prescription-drug benefit? Is there a good reason why this redistribution should take place? What are the benefits and costs of this proposal? These and other questions will be addressed in this paper as we examine the following topics: the need for senior citizens to have prescription-drug coverage, the political rhetoric involved with this issue, the projected shortfall in the budget of the......

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...[pic] Virtual University of Pakistan [pic] Evaluation Sheet for Internship Report Spring 2010 FINI619: Internship Report (Finance) Credit Hours: 3 |Evaluation Criteria |Result | |Written Work Status |Pass | |(Internship Report) | | |Presentation & Viva Voce | | |Final Result | | Name of Student: Sajid Naveed Khan Student’s ID: MC080402910 Supervisor: Mistakes are highlighted so consider them while preparing PPT Slies. You should describe the tasks assigned to you as well as functions of finance department by giving headings. INTERNSHIP REPORT ON M/s Naveed Zafar Husain Jaffery & Co. Chartered Accountants [pic] Under the kind Supervision of Respected Instructors of Virtual University of Pakistan SESSION 2008-2010 MBA Finance SUBMITTED BY: Sajid Naveed Khan MC080402910 Submitted on: July 30, 2010 [pic] DEDICATION I dedicate this project to my Mother Who Sacrificed her wills on my wills and Encouraged me during the preparation of this project And whose prayers are always with me wherever I......

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