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Term Paper on Identifying the Marketing Strategy in Existing Mobile Company in Bangladesh

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Term paper
Identifying the Marketing Strategy in Existing mobile Company in Bangladesh

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Siddheswari University Collage, Dhaka Department of Marketing

Term paper

Identifying the Marketing Strategy in Existing Mobile Company in Bangladesh

Submitted to

Md. Mizanur Rahman Mazumder
Department of Marketing
Siddheswari University Collage, Dhaka.

Submitted by

Md. Shibly Hasan
Dept. Marketing
Roll no: 9575781
Registration no: 1625621

Date of submission: 15 April, 2013.

Siddheswari University Collage, Dhaka

Letter of Transmittal

15 April, 2013
Md. Mizanur Rahman Mozumder
Department of Marketing,
Siddheswari University Collage, Dhaka.
Subject: Submission of term paper
Dear Sir,
With great respect, I am happy to submit my report on the topic “Identifying the marketing strategy in existing mobile company in Bangladesh”. I am felling proud to prepare my Report under your energetic guidance and supervision. This report is an important part of BBA program.
In completing the report I tried my level best to blend all my knowledge and in imparting every accessible details of the survey avoiding needless intensification of the report.
Your priceless supervision, suggestion, and guidance have helped me to prepare the report with trouble-free. I will be very glad, if you kindly accept this Internship Report.

Sincerely yours,
Md. Shibly Hasan
Roll: 9575781
Rage: 1625621
Program: BBA
Department of Marketing
Siddheswari University Collage, Dhaka.
National University, Bangladesh.

Student’s Declaration

I hereby declare that the report of term paper…...

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