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Term Paper on Qubee

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University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS)

A Term Paper
Recruitment and selection process of Qubee

Submitted By:

• Md.Al amin Hossain Id.10410512 • Md.Arif Miah Id.10410508 • Nur Mohammad Id.10410518

Submitted To: Instructor Name: Ethica Tanzeen Lecturer, School of Business, U I T S.

Submission Date: 8th august 2011

Letter of Transmittal

8th august 29011

Ethica tanzeen
School of Business.

Subject: Application for accepting term paper on Recruitment and Selection process of Qubee.

Dear madam,
We have the pleasure to submit here with the term paper titled “Recruitment selection process of qubee” as a requirement for our Principles of management.(MGT 141)
Based on discussion and survey, we have incorporated the necessary materials to finalize that term paper.

We are particularly grateful to Ethica tanzeen(lecturer, School of Business) for his co-operation in helping us to achieve our purpose.

We also acknowledge our gratitude to those persons who have helped us and passed their valuable comments on the draft term paper.

If you need assistance in interpreting this term paper please contact us at any time.

Sincerely yours,

• Md. Alamin Hossain • Md. Arif Miah


By the cordial mercy of Allah, now we will be able to submit our report to our honorable teacher Ethica tanzeen

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