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The Importance of Learning English  


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The importance of learning English
English is the most widely used language in the world. Therefore, having great English skills will have numerous advantages. Luckily, I have realized the importance of learning English and worked hard on it since I was a child. However, 13 years of learning English experience didn’t lead me to success, but being a person who can hardly communicate in English and definitely unable to write an essay. Once I came to the USA, I knew that I had made too many mistakes in learning English. Those mistakes are translating English into different languages, don’t learn vocabulary as much as I can, and don’t read and write enough. First of all, every language is unique. They usually have different grammar and use of vocabulary, which means learning English by translating it into different languages will lead to an inevitable defeat. For example, I have worked hard on learning a lot of vocabulary by translating them into Chinese. I thought it was a good idea to build up my vocabulary in order to read and write better. However, those translation processes were hugely disappointing. At that time, I failed to express my idea accurately by those translated vocabulary. As a consequence, good grade and improvement seemed untouchable. Also, when I either wrote or read, I had to use Chinese to think about the passage. As a result, I didn’t do it well and did it very slowly. When I came to the USA, I desperately and completely stopped translation. Just a year of time, my English was obviously and generally improved. I attribute my success to the stop of translation. Second, I would like to show about how best we can utilize our English skills by learning more vocabulary. When I came here, I bought a book about the Second World War. The book is very thick and has too many new words for me. While I started reading, I could only read 5 pages per half an hour. However, I had never been frustrated. Whereas, I worked hard on it and learned 10 new words from it every day. Subsequently, I can probably read 12 pages per half an hour. On the other hand, the vocabulary can also help me in different aspects. Whenever I read a newspaper, a magazine or other books, they help me to understand more about the context. In addition, they also work when I write. They enable me to write in various ways for the same meaning and provide me with more word choices to write accurately. So my essay is generally improved. In my opinion, my reading and writing improvement are partly from the extension of my vocabulary. Finally, I am going to talk about reading and writing. They are undoubtedly the key element to learn English comfortably and effectively. In the past, I put majority of time on doing grammar exercises, but improvement is near invisible.

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