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Guiding Question: Why does matter, matter?

Project: It’s Elemental!
My element: Lithium For this project, you get to discover an element! You will: 1) reate a poster with clear, precise scientific language that creatively presents an element of the
periodic table.
2) ompletely document several different sources of information in the correct format.

Assessment Criteria

Not Yet Meeting
Expectations (1)

I have not I am able to: achieved a standard apply scientific language to described communicate understanding but by any of does so limited success with the descriptors document sources, with limited to the success . right .

Minimally Meeting
Expectations (2)
I am able to:

Meeting Expectations
I am able to:

sometimes apply scientific language usually apply scientific language to communicate understanding to communicate understanding clearly and precisely sometimes document sources correctly. usually document sources correctly. Exceeding
Expectations (4)
I am able to: consistently apply scientific language to communicate understanding clearly and precisely document sources completely .

In order to apply scientific language for communicating understanding clearly and precisely, you must include the following on your poster:

Atomic number (top) = number of protons

Symbol (large and central and beautiful!)

Name of element (under symbol) ●
Atomic mass (under element name) ●
Classification (metal, non­metal, metalloid), WHY?

Qualitative properties (color, texture, smell, state)

Chemical compound it can form (include the chemical formula)

Quantitative properties (melting point, boiling point, density) Explain in a short paragraph – create a google doc and submit through classroom ●
Location your element can be found ­ is it common or rare? WHY?

Uses (medical, industrial etc….) ●
How does your element’s properties relate to its uses

What is the ost interesting fact m about your element?

Who discovered your element? HOW?

In order to document sources completely, you must: o Include correct citations for at

least 4 of the following: A website, blog, app or other online source, photo or image of your element, ook, magazine or newspaper b o Take

NOTES from your sources of information before creating your poster o Save your bibliography on your google doc


Lithium is very rare. It can not be found very easily, it is made up of only 0.0007% of the earth’s crust.2
Lithium was found in 1817 by Johan August Arfwedson.3 De Andrada came across a new mineral when he was visiting Scandinavia. He didn’t know what it was called so he named it is mineral petalite.
Jonhan then started analysing it. He decided to name it Lithium and that is how lithium was found.
Lithium is used to treat the manic depression. The most important use of lithium is the rechargeable battery in phones,laptops etc. Lithium can be used in many different ways because it has one valence electron. 4 The most interesting fact about lithium is: Lithium fires are very hard to put out. You can’t put it out with fire because it would only make it worse.
A powder fire extinguisher is needed.5


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