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The Production of Knowledge Through Lived Experiences

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Vincent Chou
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AAS 133 Midterm
“The Production of Knowledge through Lived Experiences”
The history and legacy of US colonialism has had a subjective view of the migration of Filipinos, particularly Filipinos immigrating from the Philippines to the United States. It is through this lived experience of Filipino Americans that has given useful forms to their lived realities, transforming their subjective experiences into objects of knowledge. One will find that it is often through the perspective of an insider that will provide us the most authentic and most informative perspective of the transformation of a lived experience to an object of knowledge as it provides us a more personal social commentary of the ideologies present at the time. The production of knowledge of these lived experiences comes from the construction of an alternate world view that is particular to the Filipino American community. The transformation stems from the idea of empowerment through the colonial oppression of Filipinos in the Philippines as well as the racial oppression and backlash that Filipinos faced in America when they immigrated here.
This is the case in Carlos Bulosan’s “America is in the Heart” as the author provides us his own personal story in order to personalize the history of Filipino immigrants in America who came to America to fulfill “promises of a better life”, the ideological belief of the ‘American Dream.’ From Bulosan’s accounting of his story, one can uncover the experience of Filipino immigrants in America that have helped build America through their own unique experiences of community building through the racial discrimination they faced and defining what it meant to maintain strong nationalistic identities by incorporating Filipino beliefs and traditions into the Filipino American community. It is through the voices of immigrants

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