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The Pros And Cons Of The Progressive Movement

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“I am in this cause with my whole heart and soul. I believe that the Progressive movement is making life a little easier for all our people; a movement to try to take the burdens off the men and especially the women and children of this country. I am absorbed in the success of that movement.” – Theodore Roosevelt Progressivism reached its peak in the United States during the late 19th century, in which it was a reform movement that many took part in to make the country excel in all areas of society including: politically, socially, and economically. Progressives wanted to eliminate waste and corruption, supported improved child labor laws, minimum wage legislation, graduated income tax, and equality for all citizens. With this, progressivism …show more content…
Many government officials would also accept bribes from businesses which would only make the rich get richer and allowed political machines to run the government. All progressives shared a common view which was that government at every level must be actively involved. They thought that the existing constitutional system was outdated and needed to be reformed. Progressives wanted the government to be more democratic in which they would make it possible for there to be direct elections of senators and an open primary. With a direct democracy, citizens could now empower popular majorities and give them a greater voice in state government. Progressives also were in favor of ballot initiative and the referendum which put constitutional amendments before voters. By taking down political machines who were placed in office, there would now be elected, non-corrupt, representatives that citizens could vote for to be in power. These representatives would actually help the people rather than having the political machines in power that only did what was right for the rich and themselves. During the Progressive era, the people of the country needed those in office who would be beneficial for the growing middle-class, and that would help the impoverished, being mostly the new influx of immigrants who were trying to adjust to their new American life. President Theodore Roosevelt, was the first Progressive Presidents to stand with the working class and do everything in his power to help the impoverished. Roosevelt did a lot to help lead the Progressive movement and improve the political world, freeing it from corruption. Roosevelt developed the “Square Deal” which controlled corporations and gave consumer protection. With this, along with a lot more policies, Roosevelt proved that he was a

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