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The Secret To Raising Smart Kids Summary

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Many people believe that praising their children’s achievements will make them more intelligent as time goes by, that can be correct, but there are studies that show that it can be more than that. According to the article “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”, that is not the only way to boost your children’s intelligence. What people do not know is that there are two different mind-sets. The article states that there are two different types of mind-sets; growth mind-set and fixed mind-set. Growth mind-set is basically the belief that intelligence can be gained through studying and working hard. Students will argue and say that their intelligence is genetic and say that intelligence cannot be changed, those people would fall in the group of having …show more content…
They were divided into two groups. A group where they experimented with the growth mind-set and a group experimented with the fixed mind-set. The growth mind-set group was told to read an article about the growth of the brain. The article was about how your brain can grow and is very similar to a muscle, a muscle that can get stronger with learning and taking in more information. A lot of the students began to question whether they were actually dumb or not. Of course they are not dumb, but at that point they had a fixed mind-set. The fixed mind-set group just had a study skill session. What ended up happening was the students that were in the controlled group, their grades kept going down or stayed the same. The teachers realized that the students that were in the independent group were having an increase in their grades. The experiment pointed out one student in particular in the growth mind-set group. He was receiving grades Cs and lower; when they talked to him about how the brain was a muscle that is able to get stronger and grow in different ways, he started staying up late doing his homework and putting in all the effort possible and received a

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