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Too Much Pressure Analysis

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Most people have heard the saying “cheaters never prosper.” But is this saying true? Do cheaters really never prosper? Two published authors, Collen Wenke and Rodrigo Villagomez, believe that cheaters do prosper. They argue that cheaters who don’t get caught have an advantage over people who are honest. They agree that the primary cause of cheating is the pressure and obsession from society to do well, succeed and basically be perfect. Although these authors view these things in common, the conclusions they reach on the morality of cheating is different. In Too Much Pressure by Collen Wenke, she defines cheating as “taking work done by someone else . . . and writing your name on it and saying that it is your own work.” The article draws from her experience growing up in a school, where everyone cheated. At first she came to the conclusion that students cheat because they are …show more content…
While this might be true for some people, she also realized that students cheat because how much pressure is on them to be over-achievers. This pressure is caused by parents, teaches, and society. There is a high level of pressure on students to do well, which causes them to take on to many activities, but this causes them to get behind in school work which leads to cheating. Since the people who are cheating are getting good grades and being accepted to the best colleges, this causes other students to have to cheat in order to achieve their goals. Since cheating is happening more and more Wenke believes that “we are creating a society in which people feel it is acceptable to cheat” and that “schools are drifting away from learning and are emphasizing the grade instead.” Since schools are focusing more on the grades, Wenke also discusses how it is not only students who are cheating, but since teachers are letting it happen that

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