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Twenty-One Is Too Long

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Twenty-one is too long The issue of alcohol consumption dates as far back as 4,000 BC. Currently the only limitation on consuming and purchasing alcohol is the twenty-one drinking age. It is an irrational law that should be changed to eighteen. Once an individual is eighteen they are legally an adult with the freedom to vote, enlist in the military, gable, rent a honey bucket, and many more responsibilities. If a person is allowed to vote, then they should be allowed to drink, voting is a higher responsibility than drinking. According to Szalavitz, at age eighteen the brain is still not fully developed and drinking only harms the developing brain. The issue isn’t about it being bad health wise, but rather it being illegal. It is widely known that people under the legal age drink regardless of the law. The legal age of consuming alcohol should be lowed to eighteen due to it being less of a responsibility than some responsibilities that are granted at eighteen, there would be less teenage criminals and less alcohol related problems. A shocking 80% of all high school students admitted to drinking alcohol ( This high number shows that the legal age is simply being overlooked by teenagers; the efforts in place have repeatedly failed. Once a underage teenager does get caught with alcohol in their possession, they receive a M.I.P meaning “Minor in Possession” which is a misnomer offence. A MIP charge carries a fine and additional punishments which vary by state. Currently there are 1.5 million people in the U.S military ( These are the people that fight for our freedom; their lives are put at risk for the sake of the county. Out of the people serving in the military there are many that are under the age of twenty-one. At age 18 they are allowed to join the military, yet they are not allowed to drink a beer. There is something wrong if

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