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What are the business objectives of this organization?

UPS has objectives for growing its revenue and profit over the next 3-to-5 years while continuing to invest in new technology and expanded facilities.

The most effective business objectives meet the following criteria:
Objectives are aimed at what the business does.
The business can put a value to the objective.
It’s agreed by all those concerned in trying to achieve the objective.
The objective should be challenging, but it should also be able to be achieved by the resources available.
They have a time limit of when the objective should be achieved.

“In reviewing the company's five-year financial goals through 2016, UPS anticipates:
• Consolidated revenue growth of 6-to-8% per year.
• Compound annual earnings per share growth of 10-to-15%.
• Return on invested capital of at least 25% by 2014.
• Expansion of distributions to shareowners in the form of dividends and stock repurchasing. Stock repurchases are expected to be a minimum of $8 billion from 2012 to 2014.”

Describe the information system in terms of its input, processes, and output and also in terms of organization, people, and technology features.

These electronic tracking capabilities were only an initial benefit. The electronic data provided a more accurate record of deliveries, enabling UPS to collect hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues that had been lost when customers self-reported deliveries, which UPS couldn’t verify. The devices include barcode scanners, and wireless networks emphasizing telecommunications for transmitting data. The network use of these devices saved drivers thirty minutes a day by reducing the manual input of delivery information. The database allowed UPS to introduce new products, such as guaranteed delivery, and new processes, including online package tracking by customers. Recent…...

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